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Being online is not an option —IT’S A NECESSITY

Question: Would it make sense to stop answering phone calls, lock the doors and turn out the lights during the busiest season of the year?

That happens to be an accurate analogy for those who continue to turn away clients because of a poor or non-existent online presence. If your virtual lights are turned out in the search engines when your potential clients are looking for your services, they will simply contact your competitor.

We could make your mind explode with online usage statistics; however this is all you need to think about. Ten years ago we had the Yellow Pages and phones with cords and boxes attached to them that recorded messages on cassette tapes. We now have Google and Smartphones that allow users to instantly search for anything and everything.

That is why having a website is crucial, but just having any old website isn’t going to cut it.  You need a well-designed web property that is engaging for those at home searching Google and easily accessible by the millions of consumers with smartphones just waiting to give you their business. Can they find you?

There are a gazillion web designers that can build a website, but for you to have a fighting chance it takes more. PGHWebFX creates a complete strategy to separate you from the crowd and ensure your brand is remembered and loved. Get started with one of our packages or contact us to discuss specific needs today.