Mobile Ready Web Design

Smart phone, iPad and Android tablet sales have exploded over the last few years and the number of users continues to rise at an astronomical rate. In fact, mobile devices are expected to make up the majority of online activity by 2015.

Though the number of consumers using mobile devices to make purchasing decisions is growing exponentially, it is still a mostly unclaimed market. Taking advantage now will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

A proper website design will look great on desktops, laptops and adapt seamlessly to mobile devices. The goal should always be to engage your target and cause them to take action before they leave your page. Unfortunately, most web designers do not understand the psychology that drives sales. Contact us now to discuss crafting a new website or redesigning your current pages.

Local Online Marketing

Consumers are now turning to online search engines for products and services. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. It takes a well-crafted digital strategy to maximize your potential revenue.

Develop a strong online marketing strategy involves complex strategies you may not be familiar with. Scrutinizing your keywords to find the gems that will attract users to your website can be a daunting task.

The good news is that online marketing can bring in a superior return on investment. It is hands-down the most effective way you can spend your advertising dollar. We are here to help you stamp your online footprint in the minds of your target audience. We take care of your online marketing so that you can focus on running your business. Click here to get started.

Reputation Management

There are aspects of your business that are uncontrollable; however, your online reputation is not one of them. Finding out that a customer “Googled” your company and decided not to do business with you because of a bad review is painful.

Your online reputation often defines your business in the eyes of today’s consumers. Thousands of unassuming business owners are losing millions of dollars every year because of negative reviews online.

Thankfully, there are very aggressive ways to maintain your good name. Our staff will defend against negative, false and erroneous reviews left on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, ripoff reports and hundreds of others. Do not continue to leave your image in the hands of sites that you do not control. Talk to us today for a free estimate.

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What problem can we solve for you?

Usually, our clients fall into one of these categories:

Clients that currently have a poorly designed website that is visibly and technically not up to the current web standards. Usually, the branding is poor and the site just looks outdated.
Small businesses that need extra features added on to their website to make it perform as needed. A good example would be a site that currently does not have the e-commerce function needed to sell products and/or services.
Businesses or organizations that simply do not have a website and need to increase their presence online. Nowadays, even brick-and-mortar businesses need an online presence.
Businesses that currently have a website that may be performing poorly in the search engines. In this instance we use safe SEO practices to engage online searchers and reel them in to the website.